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A Condo policy is similar to a home/renters policy.  A condo policy generally provides coverage from the walls/studs in.  The association is responsible for the outer structure of the building and common areas.  This can vary slightly depending on the association and type of condo.  Your personal property would include clothing, furniture, appliances, cabinetry and etc.  The policy can also be enhanced by endorsement for coverage of high value items such as fine art, jewelry, guns and additional upgrades made to your unit.
Personal Property Coverage covers you and your family’s personal property up to the limit of your policy.

Liability Coverage covers you against accidents that occur within your home and on your property.  It will protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit against you, pay for your legal defense and pay for settlements and judgments against you up to your policy limit.

Medical Payments Coverage pays for injuries to others in the event of an accident on your property.